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This section consists of information relating to the ongoing development of the senses and how the senses and movements can become increasingly well connected. The articles and videos in this section will show you how through play, you can help kids sensory motor development.


generalThis section contains the articles that deal with sensory motor development as a whole and provides you with helpful background information.

   Articles + Activity Videos

boy throwing ballThis section will help you understand of how visual perception continues to develop. You can learn, amongst other things, how to create experiences that enhance kids visual perception development, how visual perception becomes increasingly efficient and sport specific and how visual perception and movement links become stronger.

   Articles + Activity Videos
         Body awareness

boy catchingBody awareness is fundamental to children's ability to learn and improve physical skills. The 3-10 body awareness section deals with how you can help kids improve their understanding of where the body is positioned in increasingly dynamic environments.

   Articles + Activity Videos

bouncing ball with tennis raquetSpatial awareness is the ability to accurately perceive oneself and other objects in a given space and vestibular awareness is the ability to perceive head position and body movement through space. Both are of great importance to skill development.  This section covers how you can facilitate experiences for kids that lead to improved spatial and vestibular awareness.

   Articles + Activity Videos
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